Focus Reflex Ball, elastic band, adjustable

TGS 061

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The Set includes head band with metal loop und hook and loop closing on backside, Focus-Reflex-Ball with elastic band.

Lenght of elastic band approx. 80cm, individual adjustable.

Red Focus Ball: 60mm in diameter.

The trainingstool for beginners or advanced athletes. Ideal for home training, warm-up or concentration training. Perfectly usable for short breaks, training at the beach or in the park. The soft, highly resistant PU ball is attached to the headband eyelet with a specially adapted and reinforced rubber rope. The Focus-Reflex Ball is designed so that it bounces off and bounces back. Reaction and speed are trained, hand-eye coordination, counter attacks and evasive movements as well as speed and accuracy. Also perfect for burning calories. The fast, intensive punch training works on the arm, chest, shoulder and back muscles.


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