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Karate Belt, TOKAIDO, artificial silk, made in Japan, black
Karate Belt, TOKAIDO, artificial silk, black
Karate Belt, TOKADO, cotton, made in Japan, black
Karate Belt, TOKAIDO, cotton, black
Striped Karate Belt, TOKAIDO, red / white
Karate Competition Belt, TOKAIDO, WKF, cotton
Kata Karate Belt, TOKAIDO, WKF
Karate Color Belt, TOKAIDO, cotton

Tokaido karate belts for examination, training and competition

A karate belt (also called Obi) is the usual addition to every karate suit

The color reveals something about the reached level (the so-called Dan) of Karateka. A karate beginner usually starts with the white belt and has to overcome several hurdles and prove his ability to achieve a black belt in karate after numerous examinations.

Our assortment includes several karate belts in different colors and lengths. We have the right equipment for everyone – from entry-level to professionals. All belts are manufactured according to strict quality specifications and are characterized by careful processing and an extremely long life. Thanks to the special method of manufacture, the Obis are colorfast. No more ugly black stripes on the white karate gi.

Traditional karate belts from Tokaido are made of solid cotton or slightly shiny, noble rayon and are multi-stitched.

A high-quality Japanese Karate Belts is a real eye-catcher and impresses with the excellent workmanship and unique look. “Made in Japan” products from Tokaido are made of the best fabric (cotton & rayon).

Tokaido belts certified by the World Karate Federation (WKF) are worn by numerous international athletes at small and large competitions.

As an accessory, we recommend a beautiful, wooden case decorated with Japanese characters.

If you wish an individual embroidery for your new belt, you can also order it online right away.

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