Delivery costs



Parcel up to 30 kg:  6,00 €

Europa Zone 1

(Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Netherlands, Hungary)

Parcel up to 30 kg:  13,00 €

Europe Zone 2

(Austria, Luxembourg, Romania, Belgium, Italy, Slovenia, Vatican City)

Parcel up to 30 kg:  16,50 €

Europe Zone 3

(Croatia, France, Denmark, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Monaco)

Parcel up to 30 kg:  20,00 €

Europe Zone 4

(Ireland, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden)

Parcel up to 30 kg:  25,00 €

 Europe Zone 5

 (Portugal, Greece, Finland)

 Parcel up to 30 kg:  26,50 €


 Shipping charges for other countries vary depending on weight and shipping region. After creating a customer account individually calculated shipping charges will be displayed in your shopping cart and during further steps within the checkout process.

For products with special dimensions we always try to offer the best possible price. Please contact us directly. Before you submit your order, you will of course be informed of any delivery charges.

For orders over 30 kg we will automatically receive an inquiry. In this case the shipping costs have to be calculated individually depending on the shipping region.