Surface Disinfectant, SANOSIL S003, 5 kg

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Surface Disinfectant, SANOSIL S003, 5 kg

Sanosil disinfectant for judo and karate mats (Made in Switzerland, DGHM / VAH certified). Combats bacteria, yeasts, viruses (influenza, corona)* and biofilms (also effective against athlete's foot and skin fungus).

Based on the proven Sanosil hydrogen peroxide / silver formula. Hydrogen peroxide breaks down into water and oxygen after use. Silver reinforces the disinfectant effect and inhibits recontamination through the depot effect.



  • Suitable for wipe disinfection, immersion disinfection, targeted spray disinfection
  • Ready to use; without alcohols, chlorine, QAC, colors or fragrances
  • Non-flammable
  • Also suitable for surfaces that come into contact with food
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